Muuuh Wildlife Photography

Looking for New Places - Champ des Possibles

Respecting the social distancing rules in times of Coronavirus, I am looking for places for nature photography near my home. It’s still early this year for anything fancy showing up but having Champ des Possibles at a 5 minutes walk will be a great opportunity for macro photography later this spring.

Turns out that my Tamron macro lens isn’t Z6 compatible. All sort of flashy stuff happening on the screen and frequent reset necessary. I won’t continue stressing my Z6 and unpacked again my D500. Looks like I will also have to use my external monitor for video recording.

Wildlife in Parc des Possibles isn’t abundant though and mostly requires macro shots. Expect my collection of bugs, spiders and butterflies in my fauna & flora website to expand. At some point, I will get my bike out soon and then I will be able to reach more remote places again.

And, the Coronavirus crisis won’t last forever.

Montreal, April 5, 2020