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Most Viewed Video 2019 - American Bullfrog Calling

American Bullfrog Calling is the most seen video during 2019.

Published in YouTube on 25th of June, 2019, the short clip is collecting impressions and views daily. Surprising, because it is only a very short clip.

I took the video during a visit to Parc des Prairies, Laval, a large park a short walk away from the Metro Station Cartier.

View the video on:

American Bullfrog Calling [YouTube, 0:31]

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The photo shown is from the same day. It is my favorite shot of 2019, taken with Nikon D500 + Tamron 90mm Macro. Not sure if I recorded the video with the same lense but definitively with the same camera.

Montreal, December 21, 2019