Muuuh Wildlife Photography

Premature Witness of Spring Arrival - White-lipped Snail

Every year every April, the time it takes for the spring to return to the Montreal area is always getting annoying. Sunshine early in the morning, the temperatures above freezing point, but no flowers breaking through yet, no insects buzzing around the growing plants and no migratory birds here yet.

Without the starting of the explosion of nature, no photos and no videos and therefore no new content. Like every year, sometime during April I get all emotional about the onset of wildlife which will then later turn into a deception. The photo shown here of the White-lipped snail is such a witness of premature spring anticipation.

Taken on a rainy day on 13th of April in Champ des Possibles, this species of snails has woken up and started to explore the ground. I observed over 20 different individuals on that day. But returning a few days later all are hidden again. Meanwhile, we had a few more freezing days and even an inch of fresh snow the other night.

A better witness of spring arrival is the migratory Red-winged Blackbird. Thanks to my tracking of species I am able to look through my first observations every year since 2015 which were:

This data is in no way of scientific value as they depend mostly on my available time and the possibility to visit a park with ponds or along the river. Unfortunately, due to Coronavirus confinement, I will not be able to visit parks this year where I can expect to see this species.

Montreal, April 25, 2020