Muuuh Wildlife Photography

Selected Photos 2019 - Nikon D500 to Nikon Z6

I have created a short video clip with a selection of photos and video clips taken during the last year. I assemble such a look back of the previous year's best photos and video clips every year.

The purpose to create this format is to have available a simple way to review my progress in wildlife photography and video recording over time. I have created one for 2016, 2017, 2018 and now 2019.

Selected Photos 2019 [YouTube, 5:03]

This time I aligned the different media in chronological order with the exception of the last video clip which was recorded in October but used at the end to prolong the video until an organic pause in the underlying soundtrack.

In 2019, I switched the camera from Nikon D500 to Nikon Z6 because of the video recording feature in the Z6. With the Nikon D500 it is very difficult to keep the focus on the subject because during recording the viewfinder gets inactive and you can rely only on the small back screen. I even tested an external monitor to achieve better focus.

With the Nikon Z6, you can record using the viewfinder. Less equipment, less hassle.

Montreal, March 1, 2020