Muuuh Wildlife Tales

Sunday - At Park Angrignon

Different to other visits of the Park Angrignon, my last visit has been rewarded with interesting observations of Belted Kingfisher. From my visit of the park on Saturday, I already knew that there is at least one Belted Kingfisher at the pond. I returned on Sunday hoping to have more opportunities to take photos.

I located the bird almost immediately after arriving at the park because of Belted Kingfisher's habit to defend its fishing territory with loud, continued jabbering. Two females have been disputing about the upper part of the pond and delivered astonishing in air fights and chases.

Sometimes, while flying close over the surface of the pond, one of the birds dived into the water, similar to what they do when catching a fish. The sequence of shots above has been taken shortly after such a dive while the bird is catching up again with the other bird.

A great day with interesting observations. Nevertheless, the Belted Kingfisher action was not the only noteworthy event. There has been another dispute between two Great Blue Herons during that day.

Published 9/24/2018