Muuuh Wildlife Photography

The Gang of Three - Mallard Chicks

Luckily having been able to watch a Mallard female with three ducklings at the small pond in Park Bernard-Landry, Laval. Locking my viewfinder of the front sibling and taking the snapshot. Although I name the photo “The Gang of Three”, obviously these three little ducks are not scary at all but cute little fellows exploring the surroundings under the watchful eyes of their mom.

I also recorded a few clips of these ducklings and published one of them on YouTube. Unfortunately, the camera wasn’t horizontal to the ground, handheld while sitting on the ground. I was very angry and updated my rules page to keep it as a reminder:
Keep the Camera Straight

Mallard Chicks [YouTube, 0:56]

Wondering about two other observations I made. First there was a battle with another female Mallard which was won by the mother of the ducklings and ended by chasing off the other female. Why would a female Mallard attack another one? Then a confused drake, Mallard too, battled with the female. I had the impression that the intention was to submit and mate. He may have been bursting with testosterone to explain why he didn’t realize that this female is raising ducklings and not available.

Montreal, May 27, 2020