Muuuh Wildlife Photography

The Last Facebook Post

A last post to announce that I have decided to drop Muuuh’s Fauna Flora Photography Facebook page.

The Cambridge Analytica data scandal in 2016 (the abuse of FB by right wing organizations and the lack of FB to take action against this abuse) and the recent revelations (FB building and maintaining services and features which they know are hurting people) led me to the conclusion that I cannot continue contributing content to this platform. Facebook prioritizes cooperate greed over basic moral and democratic values.

Suspending our activities on FB won’t affect Muuuh's mission though, which is sharing photos of wildlife and nature with the community interested in this content. This means merely that I can focus my activities of sharing content to platforms where I have less ethical concerns.

I will continue adding the best photos to Unsplash, where I see now a stronger impact than what Muuuh ever achieved with FB:

I also will continue publishing videos to Muuuh’s YouTube Channel, a continuously growing collection of short clips about interesting observations of animal behavior:

Finally, my website about wildlife photography will always be a convenient stop for you to catch up with my most recent discoveries while exploring Quebec’s and Atlantic Canada’s nature and wildlife:

Thank you for loyalty over the years. Stay Safe.

Montreal, October 23, 2021