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Spotting a Chamois - Gämse, Chamois, Gamuza

After several intents, I finally managed to get a decent shot of a wild chamois in the Swiss alps.

Before, I went up to the mountains during summer months looking out for chamois and found a few but always too far away within impassable vegetation or above rocks. In winter, these animals go down to the valley to feed. I changed my strategy and visited Switzerland in winter in hope to spot one and being able to get close enough.

Light wasn’t the best, the animal was grazing in the shadow near the forest. Further, not helpful that I messed up shutter speed. I still had the setting from the previous bird shooting and didn’t dialed down to 1/640 or 1/320 for the much slower chamois.

I use to shoot with manual setting for focus, aperture and shutter speed but rely on auto iso when I expect not having time to review shots and adjust iso which is usually the case with random encounters during hikes.

Haslen, December 29, 2019

About Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra)

Gämse (de), Chamois (en, fr), Gamuza (es)

The chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) is a species of goat-like native to Europe and Asia Minor. Together with the Pyrenees chamois and other species, it belongs to the chamois genus (Rupicapra).

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