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Cameras, History of Employed Cameras

Camera - NIKON Z8

In 2024, we acquired the Nikon Z8 which replaces the Nikon Z6 as main camera for wildlife and macro photography.

Are you using Affinity Photo to edit RAW files? With NIKON Z8, do not shoot in RAW with High Efficiency* or High Efficiency format; instead, use Lossless Compression. Affinity Photo 2 (even in beta) cannot read NIKON Z8's High Efficiency RAW files: Video YouTube

Camera - NIKON Z6

First full frame camera, purchased shortly after this mirror-less camera has been released by Nikon. We acquired this camera because we were looking for a full frame camera meeting our needs for video recording.

Overall, we are pleased with the camera, in particular for video recording and macro photography.

There are a few annoying issues though:

Settings General

In case, I have to reset the camera: Image Quality RAW, Image Size RAW L, White Balance K, Set Picture Control FL, Color Space Adobe RGB, Focus tracking with lock-on 5, try Apply settings to live view off, Attenuator on

For detailed information about camera settings, see Photography SettingsVideo Recording Settings

History Cameras

Lumix DMC-FH2 → Canon PowerShot SX50 HS → NIKON D7100 → NIKON D500 → NIKON Z6 → NIKON Z8

2013 - 2015 Canon PowerShot SX50 HS
2015 - 2016 NIKON D7100
2016 - 2019 NIKON D500
2019 - 2023 NIKON Z6
2024 - NIKON Z8

No doubt, it is possible to take beautiful nature and wildlife photos with a camera like the Canon PowerShot or Nikon D7100. There is the question of probability though. Especially with the Canon PowerShot but also true to some extend for the Nikon D7100, focus is slow and makes you lose many opportunities of good shots. Concerning focus speed, Nikon D500 with 300mm prime lens is a power combo. Unfortunately not full frame.

The decision to acquire the Z6 has been made mostly due to the fact that the new mirror less line from Nikon is way superior regarding video recording.

If you are interested in recording wildlife videos, make sure that the camera you are using allows you to focus on the subject by viewing through the viewfinder while recording!