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 - Parc de la Frayère - 2022-07-30
Dusk at Parc de la Frayère - Parc de la Frayère

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Muuuh provides authentic information based on Karl-Heinz Müller's experience in wildlife photography and nature documentary. The website respects your privacy and asks for honoring its terms of use in return.

Last changed on 2024-03-01

Terms of Use

The content of this web site (text, photos, videos, code) is protected by copyright at the moment of its creation (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). Don't copy and re-use the content without written permission by Muuuh's owner. In particular, Muuuh doesn't allow the use of the content of this website for training artificial intelligence models.

Use of Photos and Videos

The copyright protection has been removed for a selection of photos. These photos are published in Unsplash. You can download high resolution files of these photos and use them for personal or commercial purpose. Consult Unsplash's terms and conditions for more information.

Functionality and Access

Muuuh offers no guarantees of continued functionality of this website or access to the website. Given the Internet's inherent limitations, the site may be subject to problems that could temporarily affect access to the site or the transfer of information.


Muuuh and its owner may not be held liable for any damage or injury that could result from the use of the website's content and services as long as such damage or injury is not caused by careless negligence or violation of the law by Muuuh's owner.

Privacy Policy

Muuuh respects your privacy and undertakes strong efforts to keep the number of cookies as low as possible. Muuuh itself doesn't store website visitor data unless you use a webform to communicate with Muuuh's owner.


Muuuh publishes a few webforms which provide you the opportunity to communicate with Muuuh's owner. The submitted data will be used for the sole purpose as indicated in the webform itself. You always can request deletion of your data by contacting Muuuh's owner.

Cookies & Tracking

Muuuh deploys a cookie to allow proper function of webforms like "Newsletter subscriptions". The sole purpose of this cookie is to prevent automatic form submissions. If you don't worry about using our webforms, you can block the cookie ("uuid").


This site uses different cookies from Google to deliver and enhance the quality of its services, to analyze traffic (Google Analytics) and to serve ads (Google Adsense). Muuuh has no control over these cookies. For more information, consult Google's Privacy Policy for each service.

Videos YouTube

Muuuh publishes embedded YouTube videos. If you visit a page with such an embedded video, a YouTube cookie will be stored in your browser. Muuuh has no control over this pixel. For more about this pixel, consult YouTube's Privacy Policy.

Photos ImgIX

Photos are published using Imgix's image processing and CDN service. Image request data is stored to monitor number of requests and consumed bandwith.

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