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About Muuuh Wildlife Photography

Learn about the mission of this website, topics covered and how you can support this project.

Muuuh's Mission documents and publishes information about animals and animal behaviour of species native to the Montreal area and Quebec. Further, the website is addressing questions about how to document these topics and how to share them with the community through photos, videos and sound recordings.

Behavioural Traits

Observing animals in their natural habitat is challenging on different levels. Nevertheless, we are looking to cover as many as possible aspects of animal behaviour. Food search and foraging, nesting and breeding, anti-predator behaviour, territorial behaviour, social behaviour and communication.


Our preferred method to record and share behavioural traits are video recordings published in our YouTube channel.

  • Where and when can I observe which species doing what?
  • Which gear is optimal within our budget to take quality video and sound recordings?
  • How can we present best the data about species and ecosystems?

Besides publishing recordings, we also share answers to these questions with the expectation that it will serve other persons passionate about nature.

Support Muuuh Wildlife Photography

Your support is highly appreciated. There are many ways how you can support this project, non-monetary or monetary.

  • Invite friends to visit my website by sharing this content in your social platform.
  • Subscribe to my Wildlife YouTube channel helping me to beat the YouTube algorithm.
  • You own or manage a nature park in the region? Consider inviting me to explore and document fauna & flora in your park.
  • We have setup a PayPal account which provides you a secure platform for your contribution.


If you use the link to donate money, please make sure to tell us how we can contact you.

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Karl-Heinz Müller studied animal behaviour at ETH Zurich, specialized in animal behaviour and neurobiology. His master thesis was about neural development of Zebrafish (Danio rerio). Later, he researched the importance of MTF-1 (Metallothionein Transcription Factor) in embryonal development of mice at the University Zurich.

Over the past years, he acquired professional level of wildlife photography being able to share with you his passion for nature, wildlife and animal behaviour through his photos and videos and sound recordings.

If you would like to contact Karl-Heinz Müller, please use the contact form.