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About Muuuh

This website is what I was looking for when starting with Wildlife photography back in 2013. Where and when can I see which species, which type of camera and lenses would fit best my photography. If this information would have been available a few years ago, I would have saved a lot of time and money and a lot of frustration would have been prevented.

Muuuh is owned privately by Karl-Heinz Müller. If you would like to contact me, please use the contact form.


Selfie taken at Rapids Park Lachine, Montreal, while recording a Great Blue Heron hunting fishes in the lower area of the park.

iPhone 7
Shutter Speed 1/120s
Aperture 2.275
ISO 25

About Myself

I am a biologist specialized in animal behavior and neurobiology. My master thesis was about neural development of Zebrafish. After my studies at ETH Zurich, I researched the importance of MTF-1 (metallothionein transcription factor) in embryonal development of mice at the University Zurich.

Over the past years, I acquired professional level of wildlife photography being able to share with you my passion for animal behavior through photography and videos.

Enjoy my website and let me know your comments.

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Wildlife photography is a very expensive hobby. I am not complaining though. Wildlife, animals and nature is my passion and I love every minute I am dedicating to this hobby.

Nevertheless, your support is highly appreciated. There are many ways how you can support Muuuh, non-monetary or monetary.