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Project Animal Trivia

The purpose of videos in this project is to share intriguing facts about a specific species in short videos (less than 5min). The format enables the creation of a Short/Reel for each question. The facts are covering common interests about a species.

Last changed on 2024-04-16

Common Interest about a Species

About the Species

Humans and the Species

Science and the Species

Examples of Questions

Questions and answers around distribution, appearance, physiology, habitat and behaviour, diet, parental care. Questions are written in a way that they can be answered with a simple yes or no but extended with more information about the particular topic.

As sources for answers, I consult Wikipedia, Bing Copilot or I rely on own observations.

Published Videos

Reaction to the first videos published indicates that the selection of facts and video quality should improve and that the presented facts and videos should align better. There is room to explore more complex topics with the selected facts.

Videos In Preparation


The goal is to publish a set of videos for a new species each week. Once a month though, creating a set of videos for a species which already has been produced previously taking advantage of new video feeds.