Muuuh Wildlife Photography

Video Editing Workflow

How to create a wildlife video from raw clips taken during a field trip: Software, settings, workflow.

Photo Mechanic

Using Photo Mechanic because of the speed media files are transferred from the memory card to the hard drive while being renamed consistently and because Photo Mechanic provides an optimized UI for efficient review of photo and video quality.

Master Settings DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve

During the process of editing a video the version in work is rendered several times and reviewed on different devices (mobile, tablet, desktop, TV).

Final Checklist

Uploading a video, publishing it, and then noticing a minor error? A final review on a uploaded video should prevent this from happening.

Settings DaVinci Resolve Final Render

Change Master Settings Frame Interpolation to Optical Flow, Enhanced Better. Only affects if frame interpolation is required (change of speed, fps recording doesn't match fps final video)

In Render settings: - Format MP4 - Resolution 1920x1080 - Playback 30 fps (or 24fps) - Quality Restrict to 40000 Kb/s - Uncheck Bypass re-encode ...

Montreal, April 21, 2022