Muuuh Wildlife Photography

Video Editing Workflow

How to create a wildlife video from raw clips taken during a field trip: Software, settings, workflow.

Photo Mechanic

Using Photo Mechanic because of the speed media files are transferred from the memory card to the hard drive while being renamed consistently and because Photo Mechanic provides an optimized UI for efficient review of photo and video quality.

  • After import, review all clips, delete low quality clips
  • Move remaining clips into raw video media folder, separate from photos, and split them into sub-folder by topic (optional)

Master Settings DaVinci Resolve

  • Playback 30fps
  • Video Format HD 1080p 30fps
  • Frame interpolation Nearest, Standard Faster, Medium
  • Fairlight Target loudness level -23 LUFS

DaVinci Resolve

During the process of editing a video the version in work is rendered several times and reviewed on different devices (mobile, tablet, desktop, TV).

  • In DaVinci Resolve new project import all clips as media
  • Drop all of them on the timeline in chronological order.
  • Cut and trim raw clips to the segment that may be used.
  • Apply colour to different groups of clips of each chapter in the story.
  • Re-order the groups of clips to align with the story.
  • Normalize audio levels of each clip to -2 dBFS.
  • Stabilize, rotate, and zoom each clip to get best out of it. Trim further if necessary. [Render v0.1 - Stabilization]
  • Check if horizons should be aligned between two clips.
  • Review transitions and apply effects if necessary.
  • Modify speed of clips where appropriate [Render v0.2 - Speed]
  • Adjust colour, brightness, contrast of each clip. Start with white balance. [Render v0.3 - Colors]
  • Add text and branding. Check spelling! [Render v0.4 - Text]
  • Add music track and adjust sound [Render v0.5 - Sound]

Final Checklist

Uploading a video, publishing it, and then noticing a minor error? A final review on a uploaded video should prevent this from happening.

  • No spelling errors?
  • Color grading consistent?
  • All clips stabilized?
  • Sound within -2dB to -5dB at -23 LUFS?

Settings DaVinci Resolve Final Render

Change Master Settings Frame Interpolation to Optical Flow, Enhanced Better. Only affects if frame interpolation is required (change of speed, fps recording doesn't match fps final video)

In Render settings:

  • Format MP4, H.265
  • Resolution 1920x1080 (upscale to UHD if possible)
  • Playback 30 fps
  • Quality restrict to ~ 2x frame rate mbps: 60 mbps
  • Uncheck Bypass re-encode ...

YouTube Shorts

To create a YT short, minor adjustments are necessary. Resolution should be 1080x1920, fill clip, UHD not possible. Creating YT Shorts has been topic in two of our streams: