Muuuh Wildlife Photography

Photo Editing Workflow

How to import, edit and publish a photo using Photo Mechanic and Affinity Photo starting with a raw file.

Photo Mechanic

When importing files from the memory card using Photo Mechanic, all imported files are copied into a folder with the date the the photos has been taken and the file is renamed. e.g. yyyymmdd/khm-yyyymmdd-hhss-10digitnumber.nef. During editing the filename won't change.

This approach keeps files from a trip together in one folder, it allows to localizing the the original raw file anytime and keeps the files ordered by date and hour.

Affinity Photo

Use reveal in finder to localize the raw file to be edited. Usually, photo editing is done fast, not more than 15minutes.

All photos are exported to one dedicated folder. This folder is named by the year.

Publishing Photos

High quality photos are published in Unsplash.

All edited photos are published in

Once, a photo has been published in the website, rendering instructions may have to be specified. By default, crop instruction entropy is used which doesn't work well in all cases. If necessary, entropy is changed to focalpoint, x and y coordinates of the focal point are updated in the database, and the website is re-deployed.

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