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Champ des Possibles, Montreal

A urban park maintained as a community project turning abandoned industrial areas into natural biotop. In spite of the small size, quenched between tall office buildings and railroad tracks, over 400 species of plants and animals have been reported.

How to Get Here

A 10 minute walk away from Metro Station Laurier. From the Metro Station walk North on Avenue St. Denis until the bridge. Walk along the railroad to the left until you arrive at the park.

What to See Here

A place where you can look for many different small creatures like butterflies, bees, grasshoppers and spiders. The only place where I was able watching house sparrows invading a park area.

Observation Logs

On every park visit, we maintain a log of species spotted and identified. If you maintain a similar list, please consider sharing it with Muuuh Wildlife Photography: Share Logs.


Park Visits
Visits tracking species 5 7 2 1

American Robin 1 0 0 0
Chipping Sparrow 1 0 0 0
Common Starling 2 0 0 0
Song Sparrow 1 0 0 0

Eastern Grey Squirrel 1 0 0 0

Times a species has been spotted, identified and logged while visiting this park. A species is reported only once / park visit. Consult the page animal tracking about how we log observations in field. Only species shown which we have logged at least 5 times in the Montreal area.

Videos Recorded in Champ des Possibles, Montreal

Videos are hosted on Muuuh's YouTube Channel.

Photos Taken in Champ des Possibles, Montreal

First plants

First plants

Having to look long time for something green showing up. This plant was the only green spot in the whole park.

Champ des Possibles, Montreal - 2020-04-10

NIKON D500; 90mm f/2.8; Focal Length 90mm; Exposure 1/200; Aperture f/7.1; Iso 100;

Champ des Possibles

Champ des Possibles

Champ des Possibles, Montreal - 2020-04-04

iPhone 11 Pro; iPhone 11 Pro back triple camera 1.54mm f/2.4; Focal Length 1mm; Exposure 1/727; Aperture f2.4; Iso 20;

Lush Vegetation Champ des Possibles

Lush Vegetation Champ des Possibles

Champ des Possibles, Montreal - 2015-07-19

NIKON D7100; 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6; Focal Length 45mm; Exposure 1/100; Aperture f16.0; Iso 200;

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